Demi (b.1991, Nottingham UK) creates sculptural works on paper which explore the act of drawing and mark-making in their most fundamental form. Through a labour-intensive and repetitive action of simply using a single needle, she pushes and tests the materiality and delicacy of the surface.

Demi gathers her inspiration from a variety of aerial images found through GoogleEarth; originally of natural landscapes, such as canyons, mountains, deserts, but more recently has been investigating man-made structures, such as complex road interchanges. 

Her abstract works incorporate geometric shapes and imagery allowing Demi to play with the technique and emphasise the shadows and lines in a more visceral and intuitive way.

Demi studied Fine Art at Newcastle University, graduating in 2015, and has since moved back home to Nottingham where she continues to create work at her studio at artist-led gallery; Backlit.