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Under the same Sun (No.1)

Under the same Sun (No.1)


This piece is part of a series of 4 works each initially the same but by alternating the negative and positive space through watercolour and thread work, resulting in the final pieces becoming different.


The pieces are part of my newest collection titled ‘Within the Trees’.

This new body of work is inspired by my local walks with my dog, Rolo, while lulling my baby boy off to sleep.

Since becoming a mother, these daily walks have been my lifeline, getting out of the house and breathing in some fresh air. I found inspiration through the beauty which we encounter every day, but maybe aren’t always aware it is there. The birds chirping away, the leaves rustling in the trees and the first glimmer of spring after a long winter. Nature is beautiful, and we don’t have to travel far to enjoy it. It surrounds us every day, if we just take a moment to look for it.  


For these works I have tried to capture the different shades of green when you catch the sunshine breaking through the leaves.


The title links to the idea for the work, while they are different they are very much the same, created using the same lines, shapes and materials.

  • Dimensions

    254 x 343 mm (unframed)

    332 x 422 mm (framed)


  • Materials

    Embroidery Thread & Watercolour

    Arches Watercolour Paper


  • Framing

    Framed artwork will arrive ready to hang. 

    Each frame is handmade by my local framing partner.

    Float mounted in a lime wood frame. 

    If you would like a bespoke frame, get in touch to discuss different options. 

  • Extra Info

    Each piece is completely unique, hand signed, titled & dated.

    Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

  • Within the Trees Collection

    My newest collection focused around enjoying nature in the everyday. 

    These works are inspired by the everyday walks I have taken lulling my baby boy, George, off to sleep while finding that little piece of calm within my day and reminding myself to enjoy the little things like the leaves rustling in the trees, the birds chirping and those first glimmers of the spring after a long winter. 

    I have especially been inspired by sunny days where the sunshine breaks through and the leaves become all different shades of green. Beautiful. 

    The titles for these pieces have are from songs that I have listened to while taking these walks, lyrics and words which have come to me as I go about my day. 

    This collection will continue to grow as I slowly get time to create, while learning to become a mother. 

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